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Restructure was created by the lawyers at Hart & Co Lawyers, a Melbourne-based employment law firm. Hart & Co Lawyers has assisted hundreds of businesses needing guidance on how to carry out terminations in such a way that complies with the Fair Work Act and limits the risk of claims by employees. It became obvious to us that many of these businesses could have used a platform that would provide them with access to instant advice on how to undertake terminations and the documents that they need, so we decided to create Restructure.  

Get access to videos, template documents, checklists, and guides to enable your business to confidently undertake terminations whilst reducing the risk of claims.

Subscribe to a plan that suits your business, or pay a one-off fee for access.

Hart & Co Lawyers created Restructure so employers and HR managers can get affordable, accessible and on demand employee termination support. It’s a service that is designed for small to medium sized businesses, who do not have an in-house legal team. 

Using Restructure

Once you have created an Account and logged in, simply answer a series of questions about your business and affected employees and you will receive instant tailored advice on how to carry out the desired termination in compliance with Australian laws.

All templates are conveniently provided in template form. Simply follow any drafting guidance in the documents and complete the highlighted fields. 

Restructure includes detailed guidance on how to handle the many specific circumstances which arise when you terminate employees. This includes where:  

  1. Employees are on Workcover or have suffered a workplace injury;
  2. Complaints have been made by or about employees;
  3. Employees are on parental leave, annual leave, personal (sick) leave or other leave; or
  4. An Award or Enterprise Agreement applies.

Restructure is constantly updated by lawyers to take into account the changes in employment laws.

If you have purchased the premium plan, one of the senior employment lawyers at Hart & Co Lawyers will reach out to you shortly to arrange a time. Feel free to also give us a call or reach out through the contact us form.   

Account and Billing

For one-time access accounts, you will be charged at the start of your subscription. There will be no ongoing payments.

For all other subscriptions, access will be on an annual basis, with your first payment due on the start date of your subscription. Your subscription will auto-renew each year unless you cancel it at any time before it renews.

We accept all payment methods as set out in the form when you are subscribing to the platform.

To update your billing information please visit the Account Settings page.

If you want to change your plan, simply visit the Account Settings page and choose from the available options or contact us to discuss further. 

To cancel your subscription, please visit the Account Settings page and follow the prompts. Our customer service will then reach out to you. Please note, we do not offer any pro-rata refunds so any cancellation will only take effect at the end of your current billing period. 

Got questions?

We've got answers. Reach out using the form or feel free to give us a call.

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