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Significantly reduce the risk of a wrongful dismissal case, from staff terminations, redundancy, restructuring or downsizing.

The smarter way to manage redundancies, terminations and performance management.

Everything you need in one place to make simple, safe and stress free workforce changes.

We’ve created Restructure in response to requests by employers for accessible and on demand employee termination support

Redundancy and performance


Access to instant tailored guidance on how to manage redundancies and performance management in compliance with Australian laws.

Documents on Redundancy and performance management advice


Template legal documents prepared by the team at Hart & Co Lawyers to enable you to confidently restructure.

Checklists for Redundancy and performance management advice


Checklists to help you guide you through each step of a redundancy, performance management and termination process.

Restructuring shouldn't be a headache

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It’s so simple and cost effective to take the risk and stress out of workforce restructuring with ‘Restructure’ by Hart and Co.

Pick your plan


Everything your business needs to undertake redundancies and performance management.

$1,495 and
$49 per month

Everything your business needs to undertake redundancies and performance management, and a consult with a lawyer.

$1,895 and
$69 per month


Get access to all the Standard Plan benefits plus additional consultations with a senior employment lawyer. Perfect if you have a particularly difficult situation or need extra support!

$2,895 and
$99 per month

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